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Eliminate the client's home sale contingency with Buy Before You Sell Powered by HomeLight. Illustration of a pen signing a document
Eliminate your client's home sale contingency

Buy Before You Sell frees up your seller to make a strong offer (goodbye, home sale contingency!) without the stress of selling on a deadline.

Equity Unlock

Equity Unlock provides your client with a portion of their available equity at no interest to help them with their new property purchase.

An illustration of a hand holding green money bills. Unlock your client's home equity with Buy Before you Sell Powered by HomeLight
Agents can use any choice of lender with Buy Before you Sell Powered by HomeLight. An illustration of a person selecting objects on a screen.
Use your choice of lender

Work with your preferred lender throughout your client's purchase, then retain full control of your client's listing to get the highest sales price possible. You and your lender will be your client's homebuying and selling hero!

Questions? We have answers.

How do you determine how much equity I can unlock from my current home?

The amount of equity you can unlock is determined using HomeLight's proprietary algorithm, which takes into consideration my estimation of the home's value, current market conditions, projected market risk, borrower financials, outstanding loans, and more. You'll be able to unlock a portion of the overall equity you have in your home upfront, prior to selling the home and will receive the remainder of your equity after the home sells, less program fees and expenses.

What can I use my Equity Unlock Amount for?

You can use your Equity Unlock Amount for more than a down payment on your new home. You can also use it for:
• Moving expenses
• Closing expenses
• Property repair
• And more

What if my home is already listed?

There is no limit to how many cumulative days a property has been listed on the market at time of submission. However, the total number of listed days can affect your Equity Unlock Amount based on the risk profile of the property

What if my current home doesn't sell?

HomeLight partners with top agents nationwide to make buying and selling a home simpler, more certain, and satisfying for all. We will work closely with you to sell your home. If the current home does not sell within 90 days of the closing of the new home, HomeLight will buy the property and continue to work with the listing agent to sell it. Any profits from the sale, after deducting HomeLight’s incurred costs, will be distributed to the client.

Sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

There is no catch! You are paying to use the program but the savings and gains created outweighs the cost of the program

How much does the program cost?

2.4% of the home sale

Thanks to the structure of the program, you might be able to save up to 1-3% of the purchase of your new home with a non-contingent offer, and sell your existing home for up to 5-10% more³ by listing it unoccupied and potentially staged.

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